Reading Scales

A common question in both GL and AQE is reading scales - and in a digital readout world, it still causes confusion for many at GCSE. The potential to make simple mistakes here is huge but with one simple technique, errors can be eliminated.

Read this blog post to learn how to answer these questions quickly and accurately and see some tricky examples.
AQE and GL transfer test reading scales problems

AQE exam November 2015


If you are entering your child in the AQE exam in November 2015, you should be aware of some important dates, and some practicalities about sitting the exam. Read our blog detailing the dates and the process. AQE 2015 exam

Categories of angles

There are a few specific terms which relate to the size of an angle. Questions come up about these words fairly regularly so let's have a look at some cheesecake - and some angles. AQE transfer test questions on angles

Place Value

An important topic on our Step1 papers is what mathematicians call "place value". Basically, it's all about understanding how we read numbers so it's probably a good deal easier than it sounds. AQE place value

How to visit a school

A few years back I visited Pompeii. Just outside the gates of the Roman town was the usual gaggle of traders selling sunglasses and souvenirs. One was selling a guide book titled “How to visit Pompeii”. The awkwardness of the title has stuck with me ever since - not ‘Visiting Pompeii’, or simply ‘Pompeii’ but ‘How to visit Pompeii’. It implies secret knowledge that other guides simply lack. The inside line - don't just visit Pompeii, learn how to visit Pompeii.

Read the TransferReady guide on how to visit a school.

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