Use of capital letters in compass directions

I recently read this sentence in a book - "Aspen trees commonly grow in North America, northern Scandinavia, north Asia, Europe, north England and Northern Ireland." The use of capitals for 'north' seems to be all over the place but they're all correct so let's clearly define the rule in this short blog post.  AQE GL transfer test use of capital letters

Amounts, Quantities and Values

What is the difference between the amount of coins in a pile and the value of the coins? Do you always spot the important words in a Maths question? This can be the difference between getting or missing a mark in a question that you fully understand. AQE GL practice question amounts vs values

What are you doing for Christmas?

Here are some Christmas Revision Questions to start the ball rolling on your P.6 transfer preperation. By now in P.6, your child should be able to tackle the material in our Step1 papers so here are some festive examples. And sorry, but we can't promise that there will be no festive puns.

AQE Christmas revision questions free 

Percentage Ratios

One of the most common questions we get to is how to answer ‘percentage ratio’ problems. In the AQE exam, ratio problems are usually presented as percentage problems so in this post we’ll look specifically at those. AQE PPTC ratio blog example questions

Before the AQE Exam

What do we remind our children in the last days before the AQE exam? In the final hours before the exam, as well as concentrating on the problem areas, here are 5 Maths and 5 English top tips as well as some general exam technique.

Check out our Ahhh-it's-tomorrow blog...

before the AQE exam

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