Averages - GL

The GL exam contains two additional types of average from the AQE. These are the median of a group of data and the mode of a group of data and they are both easy to understand and explain but often not mentioned in Primary Schools - I have worked with many candidates who had never heard of them. So what average do we already know?

GL transfer test averages example questions

Rotational Symmetry - GL

The GL test will include a question about 'Rotational Symmetry', which might not be taught in all primary schools. Here is a quick guide to the topic, including a typical question.

GL transfer test - rotational symmetry

Given that ... then what is ...

Given that 0.3 x 9 = 3, then what is 30 x 0.9 type questions are very common in AQE. In this post, we show how to solve them and how to check them with another method.

The 24-hour clock post-it note

In the run up to my son's tests this November, I've been trying to identify some of the areas that he often makes mistakes in and do him little revision notes on post-its for his room. Here's the first on the 24-hour clock.

Order of Maths Operations

Some of you have been asking how to answer this type of question - a lot of the long multiplication questions found in an AQE can been shortened by using simple rearranging which saves valuable exam time. Check out this blog entry for a full worked example ...


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