How to answer algebra questions

Answering equation questions involving whole numbers can be easily worked out on your fingers...

easy AQE algebra example question

But what about when it involves decimal numbers? How are equations balanced and solved?

Read on...

So, how's that summer revision gone?

Stop footering!

I was beginning to get worried about the lack of progress and amount of silly mistakes over the summer until I spoke to some friends...

Check your work

I don't know how many times I have told my son to check his work when he's finished a practice test within time, only to find him staring at the wall at the end, and crazy mistakes in the paper. So I asked him what checking his paper meant and he didn't know. Top five time... 

AQE - How high?

So, what do different schools accept?

What you need to score in the AQE to guarantee entry is impossible to state - even the schools don't know until the results and the applications are in. That said, previous years can give some indication.

AQE transfer test entrance scores


Maths vs English

The more I study the actual AQE papers, the more that I see that, on the surface, it seems that you can prepare for the Maths questions much more effectively than for the English ones.

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