The GL test will include a question about 'Rotational Symmetry', which might not be taught in all primary schools. Here is a quick guide to the topic, including a typical question.

Rotational Symmetry

If you think of a child's shape sorter toy, when they put in a circle (blue below) it can go in at any angle. The green square, on the other hand, can only go in in one of four orientations.

GL transfer test rotational symmetry

You could lift the green square out, rotate it by 90° (a quarter turn) and drop it back in.

The red oval and the orange rectangle would also drop back in but only after a rotation of 180°.

The yellow triangle (equalateral) would drop back after 120° of rotation.

These all have rotational symmetry.

But surely all shapes would fall back in after 360° of rotation?

If you need to turn the shape a full 360° before it falls back in, then it does not have rotational symmetry.

So this heart shape does not have rotational symmetry - GL transfer test rotational symmetry ex2



So how will this look in a GL test?

Possibly like this...


PPTC GL transfer test rotational symmetry question

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