About TransferReady.co.uk

TransferReady.co.uk started life in late 2012. We are grammar school Maths & English teachers who were, at the time, getting our children ready for the school transfer procedure. Being teachers, we knew that to allow our children to perform at the top of their ability in the transfer test, they had to get in plenty of exam practice. The problem is that by Christmas of P.6, primary schools haven’t covered all the elements of the Key Stage 2 curriculum that was necessary for the existing practice papers that were available – no surprise as they still had 18 months of KS2 remaining. This left us with a big decision…
Should we use the conventional mock papers and accept the low marks as inevitable?
Our dilemma was that, as teachers, we understood that young people’s confidence can take a real dent by scoring poorly in a test – especially one that they know is so important. But we really needed to start practice papers.
Our solution was to sift through the respective AQE and PPTC specifications and devise a programme of practice papers which followed a unique stepped accelerator approach. Using this system,  we built up to full papers while our children were still building skills in school and maintaining their confidence throughout. The results were fantastic and our children did really well, getting in to their first choice schools.
Now in 2024, we have adapted our product to help parents prepare for the SEAG tests. Our mission is more important than ever as SEAG (and GL, who write and mark their tests) are extremely secretive about their past papers. This makes it difficult for parents to know how their child is shaping up.
We have now packaged all these tests together and they are available exclusively from TransferReady.co.uk
Best wishes,
The TransferReady team.