What PPTC(GL) scores do schools require for admission?

What you need to score in the GL to guarantee entry is impossible to state – even the schools don’t know until the results are in. That said, previous years can give some indication.

Points to note though…

Schools that use grades often use secondary criteria within the lowest grade to select. Not all applicants with the lowest grade shown will have secured entry. Often the next criterion is an older sibling at the school. Check the schools’ websites or the Education Authority’s post-primary transfer book to see the full range of criteria.
Lowest admitted scores can, and do, change from year to year.
These do not include candidates who were admitted under special circumstances.
These are part rumour, part borrowed (from the Belfast Telegraph – thanks). Although we do believe them to be accurate, TransferReady cannot absolutely guarantee them. We do hope that they help you plan your next move, though.
PPTC School To get in Sept 2013 To get in Sept 2014 To get in Sept 2015 To get in Sept 2016 To get in Sept 2017 To get in Sept 2018 To get in Sept 2019
Abbey Christian Brothers’ Grammar School (Newry)  B2  B1 B1 C1 B1 B1
Aquinas Grammar School (Belfast)  A A A A A A
Assumption Grammar School (Ballynahinch) B2 C2 B2 C1 B2 B2
Christian Brothers’ Grammar School (Omagh)   D C1 C2 D D
Dominican College (Belfast)   C2 C1 C2 C1 C1
Dominican College (Portstewart)   C1 C2 C2 C1 C1
Loreto Grammar School (Omagh)   217 216 222 227 233
Lumen Christi College, (Derry)   250 245 246 248 241
Mount Lourdes Grammar School (Enniskillen)   C1 B2 B2 B2 C2
Our Lady and St Patrick’s College (Belfast)   A (242) A (234) A (234) A (234) A
Our Lady’s Grammar School (Newry)   B1 B1 B1 D B2
Rainey Endowed (Magherafelt)   225 223 228 227 229
Rathmore Grammar (Belfast)   B1 A A A A
Sacred Heart Grammar School (Newry)    B1 D A B1 A
Slemish Integrated College (Ballymena)   C1 C1 40-49 30-39 20+
St Colman’s College (Newry)    B1 B1 C1 B1 B1
St Columb’s College (Derry)    C1 D D D D
St Dominic’s High School (Belfast)    B2 (224) B1 (231) B1 B1 B1
St Joseph’s Grammar (Donaghmore)    B1 A B1 B1 D
St Louis’ Grammar School (Ballymena)   225 226 230 229 226
St Louis’ Grammar School (Kilkeel)   C2 C1 D D No Test
St Malachy’s College (Belfast)   B1 B1 B1 A B1
St Mary’s Christian Brothers’ Grammar School (Belfast)   D D D C2 D
St Mary’s Grammar School (Magherafelt)   B2 B2 (228) C1 B1 B2
St Michael’s Grammar School (Enniskillen)   B2 D (202) D D 191
St Patrick’s Academy (Dungannon)   D 224 230 225 225
St Patrick’s Grammar School (Downpatrick)   40-49th percentile 30+ 40+ 30+
Thornhill College (Derry)   B2 C1 C1 C1 D