TransferReady Reviews and Testimonials
We thought that you might be interested to read some parent reviews and testimonials. Some are from emails we have received from customers who were just saying ‘thanks’, while others were in response to requests from us for feedback – we’re always trying to make our stepped programme better. Others are from our sales.
10 January, 2021: Review by an customer

29 July, 2018: Review by an customer

28 February, 2018: Review by an customer
AQE Step 1:

5 January, 2018: Review by an customer
AQE Step1&2:

4 September 2016: Review by an customer
AQE Step 3:

10 August 2016 by Bronagh, Co. Tyrone

“My daughter is steadily working her way through them and what I have noticed most importantly for her is how much they have helped in improving her self-confidence in attempting all questions. Whatever the outcome when she does the test for real in November, I am truly grateful for all your help. ”

4 August 2016 by an Customer
AQE Step 1:

AQE Step 2:

16 July 2016 by an Customer
AQE Step 2:

28 February 2016 by an Customer

10 February 2016 by an Customer

29 October 2015 by an Customer

3 July 2015 by an Customer

28 October 2014 by Clare form Lisburn

“I wanted to drop a line and let you know how impressed I am with the results my son is getting. Over the past 2 – 3 weeks his attitude has really taken off, and he is more positive about the test than ever before. It’s been great to see him grow.”

9 November 2014 by Darcy from Co Down

“Thanks for getting us started on our transfer prep.”

13 December 2014 by Jamie,