Hurrah!!! Welcome to the TransferReady Games Room.

Numeracy isn’t fact based like history or science – it’s a skill – like playing football or playing the piano. If you want to get better at Maths, you need to actually do Maths. Revising Maths is really all about practicing Maths – and games make this much more fun. Why not enjoy our fun maths challenges – have a league and keep up the competition.

Play our Commodity Trader game. It’s a great way to practice increasing and decreasing numbers by a percentage amount. And making your fortune.

If you think that your you’re good at using the write right homophone, then try hour our there-their-they’re challenge.

Try our Holiday “24” game. Use Northern Ireland car number plates, with their four digits, to play a road-trip “24” game from the comfort of your home or classroom.