Northern Irish Number Plates

Unlike most of the world, in Northern Ireland many of our car number plates have four digits. This provides us with a great opportunity to practice our numeracy skills during long drives to the North Coast or to Granny’s house “down the country”.

“24” is great mental maths game. You take four single-digit numbers and try to combine them to make 24. You can add, subtract, multiply or divide in any order you like. So if you started with 1234, you could multiply the 3 and 4 to get 12. Now you only need to double that to get 24. 2 divided by 1 is 2 so that will do. You must use all four numbers and you cannot use any number more than once. You also can’t join numbers together to form 2-digit number so we couldn’t join the 1 an the 2 to form 12 in this example.

So during those long drives, when you’re fed up with “I spy…” look for a four digit number plate and play against everyone else in the car. There won’t always be a solution and there might well be more than one solution, but first person to solve “24” wins.

Practice for the journey by using our game below. We have included a solution for all our plates but perhaps you could find a different one.

Road-trip “24” Game

So you have to wait to take that holiday? Never mind, for now use our list of number plates to practice your numeracy skills with. Take our game for a spin.

TR 1234

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There is a solution below try not to peek until you’ve worked out your own solution.

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