Midpoint of two numbers

Finding the midpoint of two numbers comes up in the AQE test from time to time, and is actually an important skill in “big school” when finding the median of an even numbered set of data or when finding the coordinates of the midpoint of a line.

The method for these questions is easy. Add the two numbers and then divide by two.

For example, to find the midpoint of -3 and 5, we add them together to get 2 and then divide that number by two to get 1. It might help to consider this on a number line. You can clearly see that “1” is 4 spaces from both “-3” and “5” to that’s the middle.

Finding the midpoint of two numbers on the number line

Our worksheet just deals with positive numbers so it’s thankfully a bit easier than the above example, although remember to be careful with your adding and dividing.

a=4, b=6, c=8,
d=16, e=20, f=44,
g=20, h=49, i=67,
j=2.5, k=24.5, l=70,
m=74, n=44.5, o=49.5]