SEAG Step1 Free Sample Paper

The questions, answer sheets and pages of our 2024 Transfer Test practice papers are designed to ‘look and feel’ just like the real thing. We have modified the papers this year to better reflect the format and style of the actual SEAG tests as sat in Nov 2023.

This allows your child to become familiar the test, letting them remain relaxed throughout every step of the process, from TransferReady’s first Step1 paper to their final transfer test in November 2024.

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The spelling and grammar sections test just that, using multiple choice (A-D) with the tricky possibility of no-error (N).

The comprehension section in our Step1 papers stretches your child’s vocabulary and understanding of non-fiction writing.

All our SEAG-style practice papers are closely based on the style of questions that your child will meet in the actual paper. The difficulty of the questions will ramp up gradually as you progress through Step1 to ensure that when you move on to Step2, you can easily tackle the trickiest Step1 questions.

The final section is the open-response questions, or non-multiple choice questions. In Step1, these will focus on the maths areas but in Step2 and Step3 there will be English focussed open-response questions as well.

The answer sheet comprises an OMR (Optical Mark Reader) section with separate sections for writing the answers to the open-response questions.

Finally, there is a Parents’ guide comprising the answers and an additional sheet of hints & tips to help you explain these answers to your child. This helps you tutor your child in any areas that might need improvement. We include this because we understand that it may have been a while since you last worried about commas, triangular numbers and the like!

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