Transfer Test Date Calculations Worksheet and Advice

Our Step3 Date Calculations worksheet goes into a bit more depth on this topic, but this Step2 worksheet is a great introduction to calculating what day it is, a given number of days later. You must be confident with;

  • The number of days in each month
  • The years that are leap years
  • Counting forwards in sevens

The absolute best way to work these questions out is to set out your answer as a table, so maybe use a bit of roughwork paper when completing this worksheet.

An example transfer test question might be; if 1st May 2019 was a Wednesday, then what day would the 4th July be that year?

Firstly, write out the number of days in the months of interest;

  • May – 31 days
  • June – 30 days
  • July – 31 days (actually, we don’t need this one as the question ends in July)

Next; set out your work in a table like the one below.

When you add 7 days (or a multiple of 7 like 14, 21 or 28) then the day remains the same. Do this up to the end of a month, then carefully roll over to the next month by adding 1 or 2 days at a time. Then go back to adding 28 and making up to the end in ones and twos.

Keep going until you get to the date you need.

This is absolutely the best, and most reliable, way to answer these questions. If you’ve any queries about this or anything else, reach out to us with them from our contact page, if not, then try the worksheet below.



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