Adding decimal numbers is an important step up from adding whole numbers.

All the same “carry” rules apply but we need to be really careful about our placement of the decimal point. Being neat and tidy here is of utmost importance. Many students get the wrong answer because, and only because, they don’t lay out their working neatly enough and add the wrong columns.


Teachers love this style of worksheet because they are “self-marking” – kind of; if all the early working out is correct, then the overall answer will be correct. However, if there is a mistake in the early working, then that error will have been carried forward to the Overall Answer. So when you are marking these with your child, just tell them the overall answers. If they don’t agree with any of them, get them to check their own work and find the mistake.

This builds self-reliance and accountability and encourages them to be more careful with their work – all superb skills.

Note: the first one has been completed to show them the method.

Adding Decimal Numbers Questions