Did you know that a Mathematician’s favourite snake is the adder?

OK – sorry. No more bad jokes. But it’s true that the four basic skills (operations) of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing are at the heart of most of Maths up to GCSE. There aren’t very many definitions to learn off and no essays to write but you must be quick and accurate with your operations.

Transfer Test Pictogram Worksheet

For dealing with more than single digit numbers, it is good numeracy practice to write down your addition and subtraction problems using column addition or column subtraction.

So, when writing down your sums, separate the numbers into ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. List the numbers in a column and always start adding with the ones first. Each row should have the corresponding columns directly above one another.

Transfer Test Pictogram Worksheet

Basic Skill: Adding & Subtraction Questions:


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