Identifying Categories of Quadrilaterals

Quadrilaterals are 2-d shapes made up of four straight sides – like a square. You need to be able to identify various categories of these shapes in the transfer test. Here are the ones you will need.

Note that if a shape doesn’t fit any of the types, then it is described as scalene, which just means irregular or without any special properties. There is no symmetry and there are no lines parallel to one another.

Note also that the trapezium is called the trapezoid in North America – you may see this mentioned in on-line resources.



1. Rectangle

2. Trapezium

3. Parallelogram

4. Kite

5. Square

6. Rhombus

7. Parallelogram

8. Rectanle

9. Kite [hint: it has been rotated by 45° – watch out for this!]

10. Trapezium

11. Rhombus

12. Scalene