Punctuation Questions

Punctuation is the collection of little marks and ticks placed in between the letters of a piece of writing, to let the reader know how it should sound when the writing is read aloud. Frustratingly, perhaps, punctuating sentences correctly is one of those skills that only really get better when you read more books. A wide exposure to different writing styles is the best training ground for spotting bad punctuation, like you are required to in the transfer tests.

Every sentence should include at least a capital letter at the start, and stop of some type at the end – either a full stop, an exclamation mark or question mark. This basic construction indicates that the sentence is complete.

The Building Blocks of Sentences
  • the comma ,
  • the full stop .
  • the exclamation mark !
  • the question mark ?
  • the semi-colon ;
  • the colon :
  • the apostrophe 
  • quotation marks “   ”
  • the hyphen –  

Transfer Test Punctuation Advice and Worksheet

Here are a few questions similar to the common punctuation questions that appear on the AQE or GL transfer tests.

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