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The front pages of our AQE papers

are designed to 'look and feel' just

like the real AQE paper. This

familiarises your child with

the test, allowing them

to remain relaxed throughout

the process, from TransferReady's

first step1 paper to their final AQE

test in November.  

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All our AQE-style practice papers

are closely based on the style

of questions on the real AQE paper.

The difficulty will ramp up slightly

as you progress through Step1 to

ensure that when you move on to

Step2, you can easily tackle the

trickiest Step1 questions.



When appropriate, our answers will

include handy hints to help you

understand how to work out an

answer. This helps you tutor your

child in any areas that might need


 AQE step1 sample paper answers


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